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AFSM luncheon July 2016
11th Meeting of the Colombia Chapter in Cali from 15 to 18 September 2016
30 May 2017, a meeting in Chile of the expanded PAHO family
Colombia Chapter   November 2015 5
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Communications Committee

Coordinator & Editor-in-Chief:   Marilyn Rice


Rolando Chacon, Gloria Coe, Carol Collado, Enrique Fefer, Johanna Ganon, Antonio Hernández, Sumedha Mona Khanna, Gloria Morales, Stanislaw Orzeszyna, Martha Peláez, Germán Perdomo, Marilyn Rice, Hernán Rosenberg, Hortensia Saginor, Juan Manuel Sotelo, Violeta Mata



Provide a forum for regular communication on important issues to PAHO/WHO AFSM members, their significant others, and our extended network. 

​Ensure clear and good quality messages are transmitted on behalf of AFSM in at least English and Spanish.

Offer important information for and generate links among PAHO/AFSM members through the newsletter.

Ensure that the website acts as a tool for communication between old friends and colleagues. It keeps members aware of developments at PAHO Headquarters as well as provides news regarding former staff living in both the USA and in member countries. Issues impacting former staff are highlighted in the News section of our website.

​Members may contact AFSM ( if they wish to share information that could be of interest to former staff. Articles and information about recent publications, awards, cultural events, travels, and deaths would all be welcome. The AFSM Board has ultimate responsibility for the selection of articles and information to be included on the website


Produce a newsletter, in English and Spanish, 3-4 times a year that highlights important information for members and includes member contributions

​Review, edit, translate and revise AFSM documents before they are published for members and the general public

​Manage, update and improve the content and format of the AFSM Website

AFSM Facebook

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