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AFSM luncheon July 2016
11th Meeting of the Colombia Chapter in Cali from 15 to 18 September 2016
30 May 2017, a meeting in Chile of the expanded PAHO family
Colombia Chapter   November 2015 5
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Welcome to AFSM 

Welcome to the AFSM website. We hope to use this site as a conduit for communication between old friends and colleagues. It will provide you with timely information about cultural and educational activities as well as meetings that may be happening in Washington or in the countries.


Our Newsletter is also available on this website. Recent events and documents are also included.


This is your website. If you have information you wish to share with colleagues or if you have suggestions as to what you wish to see included at this site, please contact the President of the Board.

AFSM Website New Design (July 2021)


Click here to access the site of PAHO

AFSM Newsletter


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