AFSM has a number of committees:

  • Publications Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Outreach Committee

  • Health Insurance and Pension Committee 

  • Communications Committee

  • Healthy Aging Committee

Please see below to learn more about each committee


German Perdomo
German Perdomo

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Publications Committee

Coordinator & Editor-in-Chief:   Marilyn Rice



Provide a forum for regular communication on important issues to PAHO/WHO AFSM members, their significant others, and our extended network. 

Ensure clear and good quality messages are transmitted on behalf of AFSM in at least English and Spanish.

Offer important information for and generate links among PAHO/AFSM members through the newsletter.



Produce a newsletter, in English and Spanish, 3-4 times a year that highlights important information for members and includes member contributions

Review, edit, translate and revise AFSM documents before they are published for members and the general public

Members:  Gloria Coe, Carol Collado, Johanna Ganon, Antonio Hernández, Sumedha Mona Khanna, Gloria Morales, Martha Peláez, Germán Perdomo, Marilyn Rice, Hernán Rosenberg, Hortensia Saginor, and Juan Manuel Sotelo

Membership Committee


Coordinator: Hortensia R.Saginor 

Members:     Mónica Bolis, Elizabeth Joskowicz, TeresitaJosey, Sylvia Schultz



  • Maintains a data base of all active AFSM members including names, mailing address, fax number, telephone number, email address, dues payments and membership expiration dates. The data base is arranged by alphabetical order. The data base allows to produce listing of members for mailing labels, directory and also  by countries and regional areas of residency. 

  • A Washington, DC metropolitan area list of members is kept in order to inform members of local meetings and social activities.

  • Additional listings are maintained for inactive members, Heads of International Organizations Retirees Associations, and PAHO/WHO Representatives.

  • Organizes the AFSM General Meeting each year as well as Spring and Fall luncheons.

  • Informs members by mail or e-mail of social and cultural events that may be of interest to the PAHO community.

  • Informs members of losses in the PAHO/WHO community and sends sympathy cards to the families on behalf of AFSM

Outreach Committee


Coordinator: José Ramiro Cruz​

Members:     Brazil: César Vieira

                     Chile:  Alfredo Ballevona

                     USA:   Amalia Castro, Carol Collado, Hernán Rosenberg

  • Promotes and strengthens the activities of the Association of Former PAHO/WHO Staff Members in the countries.

  • Increases the affiliation of new members and encourages participation of all associates in AFSM activities.

  • Develops joint Washington and local AFSM activities at country level 

  • To achieve the above, the Committee will promote chapters or branches of AFSM in the countries. The local affiliates will be encourage to carry out scientific, social and cultural activities pertinent to the mission and objectives of the Association, either directly or in collaboration with AFSM-Washington

Health Insurance and Pension Committee


Coordinator:  Carol Collado

Members:      Alfredo Ballevona, Nancy Berinstein, Rolando Chacón, Jerry Hanson, Gloria Morales, Haydée Olcese,  Horacio Toro


  • The Health and Pension Committee provides a link between AFSM members and the PAHO offices handling insurance and pension benefits. Regular meetings are scheduled with the Staff Health Insurance (SHI) unit to review general concerns of former staff, such as difficulties with Aetna claims processing for US residents or problems in hospital prepay authorization for those in other countries. We have also acted to clarify, request resolution, and serve as facilitator to help former staff with insurance concerns.

  • The Association represents former staff in the Regional Surveillance Committee that meets once a month to review appeals and the workings of the insurance plan in the Region. It is critical that former staff have a voice in maintaining a vibrant and healthy insurance program. With the new governance system of the WHO SHI, begun in 2012, former staff are represented in Geneva by globally elected representatives who receive input from the Regional bodies.

  • We also keep members informed about potential changes and provide information related to the Pension plan

Healthy Aging Committee


Coordinator:  Juan Manuel Sotelo

Members:       Martha Pelaez, Yvette Holder, Marlo Libel, Gloria Coe and Hernan Rosenberg


  • The Committee will explore how to better support AFSM members to age better, as well as contribute to and support PAHO/WHO programming for the Decade on Healthy Ageing.

Communications Committee


Coordinator: Antonio Hernandez

Members:     Enrique Fefer, Gloria Morales, Stanislaw Orzeszyna (Webmaster), Germán Perdomo, Hernán Rosenberg



  • The website acts as a tool for communication between old friends and colleagues. It keeps members aware of developments at PAHO Headquarters as well as provides news regarding former staff living in both the USA and in member countries. Issues impacting former staff are highlighted in the News section of our website.

  • Members may contact AFSM ( if they wish to share information that could be of interest to former staff. Articles and information about recent publications, awards, cultural events, travels, and deaths would all be welcome. The AFSM Board has ultimate responsibility for selection of articles and information to be included on the website

Auditor                                                     Webmaster


Fredy Burgos                                                                      Stanislaw Orzeszyna